We believe the most important qualities you want from a transcription service are: 


- Friendliness:  We are courteous and considerate

- Confidentiality:  We respect the sensitivity of your work

- Reliability:  We do exactly what you ask us to do

- Clarity:  We always check for understanding
- Accuracy:  We double check and do internet research

- Honesty:  We contact you immediately if there is a problem

- Speed:  We always meet your deadlines

- Cost:  We charge in a reasonable and straightforward way
- Timecoding:  We are experts at timecode insertion.

Our watchwords are quality and reliability. We are prepared to work late nights and weekends to meet deadlines.

We can transcribe any recorded material, including interviews, television and radio programmes, webcasts, conferences, AGMs, briefings, corporate events and focus groups. We can leave in the 'ums and ers' or tidy up the transcript - it's up to you.

We have standard templates for interviews and for web upload. We're also happy to match your own formatting. 

We can add timecode to your transcripts, and we keep pace with technology in order to handle your timecoding needs.

Our transcribers are all native English speakers and have exceptionally good skills in English language, grammar, accurate typing and internet research.

We are very proud of the accuracy of our transcriptions. We are attentive to every detail, and carefully check obscure and technical words and spellings in order to save you time and cost when you receive the work back. 

We understand that nowadays speed is a hugely important factor for you, so we manage our resources well, under-promise and over-deliver. Nevertheless, you still only pay for the exact number of words transcribed and there are no minimum charges.

You can send us a link to your digital recordings or upload them to Words transcription services direct.

Wherever you are in the world - United Kingdom, Ireland, EU, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, other English and non-English speaking countries - we are happy to accept transcript work from you.

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Reception and Delivery

We can accept electronic files for transcriptions in pretty well any format, through your FTP or our upload facility.
- Electronic files (in any format) sent by e-mail or FTP.
- DVD, CD, VHS sent by post or courier.
- Printed pages by post or courier.

We normally deliver by email. However, please ask if you require a different method.


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